Yacht charter in Montenegro

What is a vacation at sea without a trip on a yacht? Moreover, if you are going to spend your weekend in Montenegro, then the prices for renting yachts will please you very pleasantly. Here you can easily rent a yacht from 250 to 1000 euros per day! In this case, all ships will be in excellent condition.

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Well, are you intrigued? Then we will consider with you in more detail the features of boat trips in the Adriatic, as well as all the nuances of the rental.

Vacation on a yacht in Montenegro

If you decide to go on a yacht tour, be sure to include Montenegro in your list. Although it has a rather small coastline (about 300 km), its landscapes will definitely delight you. In addition, Montenegro borders on Croatia, which is one of the most popular destinations for boat lovers. By the way, renting a sailing yacht in Montenegro is much cheaper than in Croatia, so you can save money while enjoying the incredible landscapes of Montenegro.

Rent a yacht or boat in Montenegro with or without a captain

Booking a yacht with a captain in Montenegro is not difficult, but you need to know a few nuances. Online services here are not yet highly developed, so by entering “rent a yacht in Montenegro” in the search bar, you will see 2-3 sites where you can choose the option you like.

But, there are several more ways that will help expand your choice and even rent a boat or yacht on more favorable terms.

So, where can you rent a yacht in Montenegro:

  • Search Instagram. As a rule, some rental services, as well as the captains themselves, create accounts on this social network and actively promote their services there. But here it is important to be prudent, to study the account and the reliability of this “supplier”, especially if you are asked to make an advance payment in advance.
  • Find groups on Facebook. Also a popular way, among locals, advertising their services on FB is especially popular. There you can directly contact the owner, find out all the nuances and get a good price.
  • At the marina. Almost every coastal city has parking places for yachts and boats. You can directly come to the ships and find out about the rent from the captain himself. In addition, in this way you can see in advance whether this option suits you, whether its condition and functionality suit you.
  • Travel agency or hotel. On the streets of Montenegro, you will find many points where trips on yachts or boats are selling, but be careful and always ask to see photos of water transport.

As one of the good sites where you can rent boats or yachts, we can advise clickandboat.com. There is a very good variety of different ships for any request.

What are the ports in Montenegro?

Port of Ulcinj

This port is located near the Albanian border, so it is convenient to stop here or start your journey through the Balkans. The port of Ulcinj is surrounded by ancient fortress walls, which gives a special charm to this place. By the way, there is the longest beach in the country in Ulcinj, with a length of more than 12 km. And also for exotic lovers - there is a popular nudist beach Ada-Boyana. Therefore, in Ulcinj you will definitely not get bored.

Port of Kotor

The small port of the city of Kotor is located at the very end of the bay. However, you will see that yacht rentals are also available here. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was previously a renowned Mediterranean trading port. Large sea liners often stop here so that tourists can take a little walk along the embankment, in the old town, and also climb the Kotor Fortress. The bay itself is very beautiful, surrounded by green mountains, so it is definitely worth a visit. On the pier, you can meet the owners of boats and yachts and arrange a rental right on the spot.

Port of Budva

Of course, the most popular resort in Montenegro, Budva, also has a port where you can rent a yacht or make a stopover during your trip. Near the port is the pearl of Budva — the Old Town, be sure to visit this place and plunge into the history of the Balkans. There is also an island nearby with a beautiful beach where you can go by boat.

Port of Bar

Bar is truly a port city in Montenegro. Here you can not only rent a boat or a yacht, but also go on a boat to Italy. The bar, like Ulcinj, is located close to Albania, so this is a great place to start your journey or a short stop.

Also in other coastal cities of Montenegro, you can find many marinas where the owners of maritime transport will gladly organize boat trips for you or rent a catamaran, yacht, boat or other type of vessel that you wish.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Montenegro

The cost of renting a yacht directly depends on the class of transport, as well as the time for which you are going to take the ship. As a rule, the price of a one-day trip on a yacht (8 hours) in the Bay of Kotor starts from 300 euros for 5-8 people.

The cost of renting for half a day will cost about 200-400 euros, but a cruise on a yacht in the Balkans is calculated individually, depending on the chosen route.

The cost of renting a yacht, as a rule, already includes the services of a captain, fuel, and cleaning. Drinks and food/snacks are also available upon request at an additional cost.

When is the best time to book a yacht or boat

When the season comes in Montenegro, it becomes very difficult to rent a car or water transport. Therefore, it is better to book the best offers in advance, starting in February-March, then the chances of finding a good yacht at a good price increase significantly.

You can also try to rent a boat during the summer. It is usually easier to find this type of vessel than a large yacht, as many locals own this type of transport.

But if you like sailing or you need, for example, a yacht for 30 people, then this should be taken care of prematurely. And the sooner the better.