Transport in Montenegro

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When buying tickets to Montenegro, you need to pre-compile your route and plan your movement around the country. Considering the fact that the state is rather small, and the number of inhabitants does not exceed 630 thousand, the transport infrastructure of Montenegro may slightly disappoint tourists who are accustomed to all amenities. The lack of broadband roads, highways, bike lanes, and even walking trails can be a nuisance in some places. Nevertheless, moving around Montenegro cannot be called difficult and terrible, since the condition of the roads is more than good everywhere.

Below is information about the types of transport that are available in Montenegro, so that it is easier for you to plan your vacation without unpleasant surprises associated with traveling around the country.


As for public transport, intercity buses are the most popular in Montenegro, as they can take you almost anywhere (besides small mountain villages). It is worth considering that all companies that carry out passenger transportation between cities are private and often quite small. This means that their schedule is not clearly regulated and it can be changed without warning. Therefore, we advise you to buy bus tickets in Montenegro directly at the bus station (be sure to take cash with you, preferably in small bills) in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

You can see the approximate prices for bus tickets on the official website

Lifehack! On the site for some directions you may not be shown the availability of bus routes (for example, Herceg Novi - Risan), but you can see tickets for another route that passes through the city you need in order to understand the approximate timetable for the departure of the bus from the station. In the case of Risan and Herceg Novi, you can look at the direction of Herceg Novi - Kotor, and at the bus station already buy a ticket to the point you need.


Airport "Tivat" (TIV)

In total, there are 2 airports in Montenegro — Podgorica (TGD) and Tivat (TIV). If you want to fly to Montenegro for a summer vacation near the sea, then if possible, choose Tivat airport, as it is located on the coast. From here it is faster to get to the resorts of Montenegro. The Tivat airport is quite small, so during the season, there can be long queues for both registration and passport control. Nevertheless, the minimum necessary infrastructure is here, namely Duty-Free, cafes, toilets, car rental services, and air tickets. Don't hope on shopping here, as there are no shops here, and the Duty-Free is quite small (and sometimes it is completely closed). But in the check-in hall, there is a small stall where you can buy water (at the airports of Montenegro they let you carry water and other liquids in hand luggage) and other necessary things on the road. Also, if you arrive or depart from this place, you can find out how to get to Tivat airport in a convenient way.

Airport "Podgorica" (TGD)

The central airport of Montenegro is not much larger than the Tivat airfield, however, here you can have a cup of coffee both in the check-in hall and already in the departure area, which Tivat cannot boast of. But there is still not enough space here, so many simply scurry around the hall while waiting for their flight, or they sit right on the floor.

Fans of winter holidays are better off heading to Podgorica, as all ski resorts are located near the capital of Montenegro. However, even if your flight arrives at Podgorica airport during the summer season, it will not be difficult for you to get from TGD airport to coastal cities. The only thing is that it will take a little more time, but in return you will get impressive landscapes, since almost all roads in Montenegro have views.

Trains (Railway)

Railway transport in Montenegro, due to the mountainous terrain, is very poorly developed, so by train you can get only to these areas:

  • Bar;
  • Bielo-Pole;
  • Danilovgrad;
  • Kolasin;
  • Mojkovac;
  • Niksic;
  • Podgorica.

Bar area stations:

  • Bar;
  • Šušanj;
  • Virpazar;
  • Krmnica;
  • Sutomore;

Podgorica area stations:

  • Podgorica;
  • Bioce;
  • Bratonozici;
  • Vranjina;
  • Zeta;
  • Zlatika;
  • Moraca (Goricani);
  • Lutovo;
  • Krusevacki Potok;
  • Trebesica;
  • Seliste;
  • Golubovci;
  • Aerodrom (close to Podgorica airport).

Kolasin area stations:

  • Кос
  • Колашин
  • Матешево
  • Падеж
  • Облутак
  • Требальево

Mojkovac area stations:

  • Mojlovac;
  • Stitaricka rijeka;
  • Zari.

Bielo-Pole area stations:

  • Mijatovo kolo;
  • Slepac Most;
  • Ravna Rijeka;
  • Krusevo;
  • Lesnica;
  • Bielo-Pole.

Danilovgrad area stations:

  • Dabovici;
  • Ostrog;
  • Sobaici;
  • Bare Sumanovica;
  • Danilovgrad;
  • Slap;
  • Lutotak;
  • Spuz;
  • Pricelje;

Niksic area stations:

  • Niksic;
  • Stubica.

More information about all routes, as well as ticket prices and train departure times, you can see on the official website of the Montenegrin railway.

Also, a train runs from Bar once a day to Belgrade, passing through Podgorica, Kolasin and other cities of Montenegro. You can also find out more about this route on the website above.

As you can see, only Bar, Sutomore and Susanj are accessible from the coastal cities. Who wants to relax on Skadar Lake, then you can get here by train, getting off at the Virpazar station. Other routes aren't touristic and are mostly used by local residents, so if you want to feel the flavor, you can safely drive to Bijelo Polje or Niksic.